Sharp EL-9900C
  • Product Specifications

    Manufacturer: Sharp
    Productline: Sharp
    Model: EL-9900C
    Part Num: EL9900C
    Category: Calculators
    Product Description: Sharp EL-9900C - graphing calculator
    Product Type: Graphing calculator - LCD - 10 digits + 2 exponents
    Basic Functions: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
    Scientific Functions: Square root, random number, fraction, complex numbers, advanced probability distribution, statistical analysis, logarithm, linear regression, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, powers, matrix, logarithmic regression, exponential regression, power regression, inverse regression, integral, integer, derivatives, advanced statistical calculations, real numbers, internal precision (14 digits), inverse matrix, cubic polynomial regression, quartic polynomial regression, median-median regression, logistic regression, sinusoidal regression, analysis of variance (ANOVA), polynomial equations, determinant, transpose
    Financial Functions: Amortization, cash flow, Time Value of Money (TVM)
    Graphing Functions: Polar, sequence, zoom, trace, parametric plot, histogram, scatter plot, find intersect, shade, box and whisker plot, normal probability, line plot, pie charts, rectangular, box plot, statistical plot, statistical regression plot, broken line, normal distribution, modified box plot
    Display: 8 lines x 22 characters
    Power Source: Battery, memory backup battery
    Features: Programmable, algebraic input mode, reversible keypad