HP 12c Platinum Financial
  • Product Specifications

    Manufacturer: HP
    Productline: HP
    Model: 12c Platinum Financial
    Part Num: F2231AA#B1K
    Category: Calculators
    Product Description: HP 12c Platinum Financial - financial calculator
    Product Type: Financial calculator - LCD
    Basic Functions: Percent, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
    Scientific Functions: Standard deviation, logarithm, linear regression, weighted mean, forecasting, mean, sum, correlation
    Financial Functions: Cost/sell/margin, loan, interest, amortization, cash flow, depreciation, Time Value of Money (TVM), savings, leasing, Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Net Present Value (NPV), Straight Line (SL), Sum-of-the-Year's Digits (SOYD), Declining Balance (DB), bonds
    Localization: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish / Canada, Latin America, United States
    Display: 1 line x 10 characters
    Power Source: Battery
    Features: Algebraic input mode, Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) input mode, 20 memory registers, Power off Memory Protection